Susan Donnelly

Want to Do the impossible?


Hi, I’m Susan.

I’m a 100-mile race expert who helps endurance runners build the skills and confidence to do the impossible - whether it’s finishing one “A” race, or a hundred.


What you need to succeed - longevity built in.

No fluff. No bullshit. In one place.


How-to skills from over 100 100-miler race finishes, and 150 other ultramarathon finishes.


Mindset skills from 7 years as a Certified Life Coach and 20+ years of learning by running ultras.

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work with me

All abilities, paces, and experience levels - it’s your time!

Pick My Brain

Single sessions that are easy to schedule and super-flexible. Pick my brain on whatever you want to know!

1:1 Coaching

Shortcut your way to better results. Beat the mindset blocks that cost you time and DNFs, and learn all the ultra “how-to’s” you need to rock your races.


Invest in yourself so you can spend more time running at your true potential.

These fun options pay off big!