UltraLife Coaching

Why Hire Me?

1.  I believe that if you want it, you can make it happen. Period.

2. I've been there. I know what it's like to be capable of soooo much more than you're living and being, and how far out of your reach a dream can seem.  

3. I've come a long way and have the skills to help you do the same. I know what takes to live the life on your own terms no matter what anyone else expects, I've achieved amazing things my younger self wouldn't have imagined, and I've spent a gazillion miles honing the mind tools it takes to master one of the toughest race distances on the planet - 100 miles. It's my mission to help you do the same.

4. I bring a fresh, independent perspective to you and your life, and I have new strategies and tools to help you make the change you want.

Plus, I'm pretty darn determined (anyone who runs 100 100-milers has to be) - and will not let you quit on yourself. No whining, hiding, excuses, or giving less than your best. I want you to cross whatever finish line you want to reach.

When you hire me, I"ll work with you to define what your “ideal life/running” looks like — and help you create a plan to get from here to there. I'll hold you accountable and make sure you're giving it your best. We're going for concrete results.

This is your one-and-only amazingly awesome life. Don't waste another moment of it wishing how it could be, someday.

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Your Running

What if you had...

Consistent motivation, a finish where you've given up before, the confidence to nail that insanely epic goal, a stronger mindset with better results, burnout-free balance, and best of all...the fun back in your running?

I spent years figuring out how to be stronger and happier in my running. I loved running and going to races but the competition, comparison, excuses, self-defeating thoughts, and beating myself up about results felt awful. I kept trying to "do better" and "stop thinking negative thoughts" until it was clear that wasn't working and I couldn't keep that way forever. Something had to give. 

What I found was good news - you have the power to change it all. You don't have to put a good face on things, make others change, hope you're stronger in the next race, or wait for some mythical better day to arrive.  If you're ready, you have to take action - no one can do it for you.



Your Life

Imagine it.

Sanity from everyday stress, more fulfilling relationships, a healthier life, a guilt-free balance among the things in your life, the confidence to speak up, making that big dream come true. You can make it all happen but there's a catch - you have to do it. No one can do it for you.

I spent years learning the hard way how to change my life. I believed all kinds of negative about myself and would quit on myself while waiting for someone else to decide I was worth what I wanted and give me permission to have it.

Crazy.  I could have saved so much time if I'd seen that it was my responsibility to give myself permission to create the life I wanted, no one else's. And that the world wouldn't end if I gave myself that permission. And that I deserved what I wanted without having to earn it.


What You Get

I won't lie - life coaching is tough, kick-butt work and nobody can do it for you. There are immediate a-has and changes that take more practice. I can't promise it'll be easy but I can promise that like you'd investing in the best training for a once-in-a lifetime race, this is worth it and it pays off.

  • A Certified Life Coach and endurance specialist with tons of real-life experience
  • Private, one-on-one, judgement-free sessions tailored specifically to you
  • Insight into where you want to go and a plan for getting there
  • All my ideas, tools, and experience for working on even deep, persistent issues
  • Accountability, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration where you need it
  • Change.  Results.  Way more than theory.
  • Confidentiality. I don't share your personal info with anyone, ever


How We Work Together

I offer coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Clients meet with me two times a month for a minimum of six months. If we decide to work together, I’m firm about this commitment because one-off, sporadic sessions aren't nearly as focused or effective. I’m seriously committed to your success and giving you my best.

Your Coaching Package Includes

12 x 60-minute phone coaching sessions (2 sessions per month x 6 months)
Plus: An open invitation to ring or text me during my weekly office hours.

You Invest

$2,400 for the 6-month process. You can pay in full or select a 3- or 6-month payment plan. You can sign up here.


Refund Policy

Your payments, including any deposits, are non-refundable.

Why? Think about races. You enter a race and on race day you're injured, get cold feet, can't make it, tired or just don't feel like going, what happens? You stay home and miss out.

The race director's committed time, energy, and money to the event based on your commitment and is not going to refund your money. It's the same with coaching.

Respect your time and mine.  Remember what made you sign up in the first place and say "yes" to it.  

Show up. Own your results. Own your life. There's only one you and believe me, the world needs the Full You.

You're absolutely, positively, undeniably worth the investment.


Your Turn

Congratulate yourself - this is FABULOUS! You’re about to discover what's possible when you commit 100% of yourself to your goals, no excuses. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to work with you!

If you have a question, please email me.  Otherwise, sign up below and make it happen. I'll email you some pre-work questions so we can get started with momentum.  

If you’re in, click the button to make your deposit. 

I’ll be in your inbox within 1-2 days with pre-work to get our adventure started.