Conventional wisdom says if you’re not getting the results you want, you have to train harder, sacrifice more, and kick up your suffering in the paincave.

That’s bull.

No matter how talented, hard-working, trained up, smart, experienced or willing to suffer you are, your mind can still sabotage your races and goals.

Your mind is your most powerful weapon - an estimated 80% of endurance running performance - but most runners don’t train it like they do their bodies. 

If you’re not confident in your 80%, come work with me.


Smarter, Not Harder

Want to beat:

  • Negative self-talk?

  • Self doubt?

  • Perfectionism?

  • Compare and despair?

  • Imposter syndrome?

  • Pre-race nerves?

Want to get the results you know you're capable of?

Go for the impossible - finishing something or finishing something big?

All without killing yourself or burning out?

You can - IF you change your negative beliefs about yourself and what’s possible.

I have practical tools, processes, and advice that can help you change this in a way that lasts, starting today.

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Why Choose Me?

I'm one of only 10 or less people in the world to finish over 100 100-mile races. I’ve finished several 200-mile races, and over 250 ultramarathons total.

I've been running ultras for over 20 years, a certified life coach for 6 years, and studying the mind + body connection’s affect on running and life for…well, ever.

I’ve dealt with this negative mind clutter myself and I’m not here to waste your time with “think happy thoughts” or quick wins that disappear tomorrow. This is sustainable change that gets lasting results.



How It Works

Whatever you want to achieve, you get mindset coaching where you need it, and how-to advice from my experience where you need it.

I don’t give you training plans - those are easy to find online. Instead, I help you build the mental strength and practical “how-to’s” you need to nail those training plans. And your races.

We work together over the phone so it’s easy to fit into your schedule, even on the day before a race.  

  • 12 x 60-minute phone coaching sessions over 6 months (typically 2 sessions per month)

  • Access to me by text and email during my weekly office hours

  • Guides, checklists, and roadmaps for in-depth solutions

Your total investment for the confidence to sign up, train for, start and finish the races you’re dreaming of is $2,997. Payment plans are available.

What are your goals worth? What are YOU worth?


Cross-train your most powerful muscle.


You, Stronger

You get real confidence instead of hopes, and lasting change instead of quick fixes.

You get the accountability and independent perspective that make the process faster and easier.

You become a stronger, more confident, more capable runner…and person.




You might be thinking:

  • “Mental training is for elites and Olympic athletes.”

  • “This is probably a few tips and ‘be positive’ stuff I can do on my own.”

  • “I need to work on hill training, endurance, and speed first.”

  • “Nobody sees my mind but everybody see my muscles.”

Thoughts that got you here won’t get you there.

Everyone, even back-of-the-packers, deserves and benefits from improving their self-talk and confidence.

Mindset coaching is science-based, just like physical training. You build new neural pathways that serve you better than the negative ruts that keep you stuck.

You’ll actually get more out of your regular training - hill work, speed work, endurance - if you train your mind to help. It’s not either/or.

And looking good? Confidence is super sexy!


The tools that you've given me are sticking with me.....and are working. I've always loved running, but was in a really deep mental rut when we met that was making it hard to keep that fire lit. It's very liberating to feel like my old, positive (puzzle-solving) self again.

- A Johnson


Let’s Talk!

Because settling for 20% of what you can do isn’t fair to yourself and there’s no reason to stay there. You don’t have to wait for things to be better before you’re allowed to change that.

Wherever you’re starting from, you’re ready now!