Isn't That a Little Ambitious of You? (Goal Series #1)

Susan Donnelly braved the negative thoughts to run West Highland Way Race in Scotland.

The first time I signed up for the Leadville 100, I'd read about it but couldn't imagine it. 

I'd only run a few local 100-milers in the Southeast. This was out west. In the Rockies. Where altitude was a serious thing.

And lots of people DNF'ed every year.

Once I got there, I felt like I didn't belong. Like I was pretending and out of my league. Which is probably one of the reasons I DNF’ed.

Setting a wildly improbably goal like a big 100-miler can really dredge up some negative thoughts.

It’s super exciting when you sign up but that fades and you think:

“Really? Who am I kidding??” 

Or someone says, 

“Isn’t that a little ambitious of you?” 

And you start thinking it means something about you. Like you're not good enough for that audacious goal.

So you subconsciously do things that aren’t in your best interest to prove you’re not good enough, like:

- Apologizing, explaining, or excusing it away. “Yeah, I shouldn’t have entered but I got in the lottery so I'll at least start.”

- Picking a shorter, easier race instead.

- Sabotaging yourself out of it, like skipping too many long runs, not showing up at the start, or DNFing at the first decent excuse.

If this is you, it's alright. All this negative floating around in your head is a natural part of playing to your edge - a good sign. 

Want more good news? Just because it's part of the process doesn't mean you’re helplessly stuck with it.

When you think you’re not good enough for your big goal, you could swap it for:

"I can choose anything as my goal, simply because I want it, and I choose this.”

I mean, do you really owe a justification about this goal to anyone, including yourself?

Is there some kind of grading system that doles out the big goals to worthy people?

Can you really have a goal that's "too big?"


You only owe it to yourself to stand behind your choice of goal, in spite of the negative thoughts, and get moving.

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