Moab 240 - The Spooky Section to 183 Miles (Video 7/10)

The previous section was spooky. I and, as it turns out, many other runners were certain we were running in circles in the night. I’m experienced enough to know that it wasn’t likely and that the thought was a suspicious one, but at the same time, I was so certain.

I got separated from the guy I started out the section with, because I realized I’d left my water bottle where I stopped earlier to pee and decided I needed to go back and get it. I had to run back downhill (grr...) to get it, and it was way further than I remembered, maybe a mile. By the time I climbed back up to where I’d been, he was long gone.

This is when I started falling asleep on my feet and feeling like I was running in circles. I knew I'd seen this trail before. I decided at one almost-lucid point that I was probably moving 0.1 mph, which the data later showed was true. Stumbling and weaving along the trail. Sitting down to "rest" on logs. I'm not sure I've ever had a worse time with that, and I knew it. 

Everything still looked extremely familiar, like I was in some sort of Bermuda Triangle I'd never get out of, so I got concerned that after one of my 'resting on logs' breaks, I'd gotten up and gone the wrong way. I was checking my navigation app on my phone when Meep-Meep happened along. He was awake, talking a lot, and moving fast. I stuck with him like glue to the Oowah Lake aid station where I slept 2 hours. You get a quick cameo of Meep-Meep as he video-bombs me here.

But even a week later, I still can’t shake the spooky, unsettled feeling of that section...