Advanced Tier-Race Prep


Decades ago, when I signed up for my first 100, I searched out every scrap of info I could from every source and experienced person I met. It wasn’t a lot. Today, it's the opposite. There are so many sources of information, it's overwhelming. And you still have to sift the reliable from the questionable - has the person giving advice even finished a 100-miler? How many and what kind?

What if you could show up on race day feeling totally confident and prepared with an expert plan we've crafted together so all you have to do is focus on the experience?

I know what it’s like to be facing your first 100, or to be an experienced ultrarunner facing a big dream race like UTMB. There’s so much to learn and do, and you want it all to go right.

This package is what I"d want in your shoes to avoid the guessing and hoping.

You Get

  • Three 1-hr phone sessions before your race where we can do what you need most, like
    • Nail down a pacing plan
    • Create a pre-race routine to stay chill
    • Plan your drop bags
    • Develop strategies for the low points 
  • Email access to me for questions between sessions
  • Free checklists, like drop bag packing lists and what to carry with you
  • A bonus 30-minute phone session the day before the race for last-minute confidence
  • Credit toward upgrading to VIP Tier, if your race date is available

Total Investment - $4997

After making an initial deposit of $497, payment plans are available based on your race date. Payment in full is required 30 days before race date. 

Here's the tough truth you probably already know. If you want different results you need to do something different. Make a decision right now to get different results.

My Guarantee

Your payments, including any deposits, are non-refundable. 

Why? Think about races. If you enter a race and on race day you're injured, get cold feet, can't make it or just don't feel like going, the race still happens. The race director's committed time, energy, and money to the event based on your commitment. It's the same with coaching.

Respect your time and mine. Remember why you signed up in the first place and say "yes" to it. You're worth the investment.