It all started when…

You’ve read all the articles and tried every tip. You’ve done meditation, mantras, and everything you know to get rid of the doubt and negative thoughts that weigh down your running but the truth is, you just can’t seem to do it or make it stick. You’re frustrated because you know you can run better, further, and more consistently - your body can do so much more - but your mindset keeps getting in the way. Nothing seems to work.


What it costs you



Poor race results

  • Passing up big races you want to do because you lack the confidence
  • Playing it safe instead of running what you’re really capable of. 
  • Quitting on yourself and accumulating DNFs
  • Missing out on a huge power source using the power of your thoughts to help instead of harm.


Low Self-confidence

  • Worrying about failing
  • Comparing and despairing
  • Beating yourself up over bad results


Change your mind, change your performance

You know that improving your mindset separates you from everyone else with talent and ability in two big ways. 

  • You’re no longer helplessly at the mercy of your doubts and fears.
  • you start using your thoughts as power, to help climb that hill and power through the low spots.


The difference between reading the article making it stick can be having someone help you do it, get it and make it stick.