Is your mind working For or against you?

Is This You?

You dream of running an ultra, a big-name race, a 100-miler, maybe a 200-miler but immediately tell yourself you’re crazy. It’s too intimidating.

You struggle to make your full life work without giving something up. “I just don’t have the time to train,” you reluctantly tell yourself. “Maybe later.”

You stand at the starting line, looking at the other runners, and feeling like you don’t belong. You’re not mentally ready to do this.

You’re in the late miles of the race, and so tired and down you just want to drop. “I’m just not good enough,” you think. “Maybe next time.”

You know you can run better, further, and more consistently but the moment things start going great, you burn out, lose motivation, or self-sabotage. It’s frustrating.

If this is how you feel, come work with me.

Living This Way Costs


  • Worrying about failing and living up to expectations

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Beating yourself up over bad results

  • Stuck without motivation

  • Wasted on non-priorities, going nowhere


  • Holding back because of self-doubt

  • Resisting what you fear, like night running

  • Quitting on yourself - DNFs

  • Putting off your dreams


“Mental training? That’s for elites and Olympians”"


“I do okay,” I figured.

"There's so much I need to do to get my body in peak shape and I barely have enough time to do that," I thought, "I’ll work on the mind stuff later.”

What I didn't realize was the body can't reach it's potential until the mind is fully on board.

When I started using my life coach training on running, a whole new way of ultrarunning opened up for me.

There's no question. I wouldn't have achieved all I have - over 100 100-mile races for example - and had as much fun doing it, without strong mindset skills.

The Right Mindset Can Get you the Results You Desire

As runners, we know all about training our bodies but little about training our minds. To run our best, we need to train both with the same level of commitment.

I used to read articles in running magazines about managing negative self-talk and think, yes! This is exactly what I need to do!

But I never really figured out how.

Just like developing muscle memory, our brains need repetition to develop new neural pathways. And it’s easier to do that with a coach who knows the best tools and tricks to keep your brain in shape.

In one-on-one coaching, I will teach you how to:

  • Train your mind so that you know, standing at that starting line, that you won’t quit on yourself - no matter what challenges crop up during the race.

  • Reverse your negative self-talk and instead create thoughts that spur you on.

  • Develop the confidence you need to run any race you choose.

  • Schedule your training alongside your other work, life, and family commitments - to achieve a balance that works for you.

Plus…you get all my ultrarunning how-to expertise.

You benefit from the unique mix of my experience as a longtime ultrarunner and my skills as a mindset coach.

Get ready to skyrocket your results.

"Nine years ago, after one too many glasses of wine, I signed up for my first trail ultra.  The next morning I read the course description and went into full panic mode.  1900' climb, stream crossing, rock staircase, expect it to take twice as long as your fastest 50k.  I was ready to cancel my registration, but after several email conversations with Susan, who was the RD, she offered the assurance that I could indeed do this.  Race day came and I did show up at the start, and yes, achieved what I had earlier thought was impossible and finished the race.  Now here I am at 59 years old, still running those "impossible" races, thanks to Susan not letting me not start."

- J  Maas

Stronger, Faster, Better

You Get

The "what to do" with the personalized "how" that's missing from those magazine articles. Tools to manage your mind for peak physical performance. One-on-one time tailored to your specific needs and questions, with a real person who’s been there and wants you to succeed.

  • 12 x 60-minute phone coaching sessions (2 sessions per month for 6 months)

  • Access to me by text and email during my weekly office hours

  • Guides, checklists, and roadmaps to help with in-depth solutions

Total Investment

Your total investment for the confidence to sign up, train for, start and finish any race you’re dreaming of is $2997. Payment plans are available. The first payment includes a deposit portion of the total to get the ball rolling.

What is your dream worth?

Your Next Step

Sign up for a 15-minute mini session with me to ????? I can’t wait to talk to you!


My Guarantee

Your payments, including any deposits, are non-refundable. 

Why? Think about races. If you enter a race and on race day you're injured, get cold feet, the race still happens. The race director cleared her schedule for this and gave you one of the entry slots. She's committed time, energy, and money to the event based on your commitment. It's the same with coaching.

Respect your time and mine. Do the work. Remember why you signed up in the first place and say "yes" to it. You deserve better results and you're worth the investment.

We are going to rock this!