Suddenly, race day is right around the corner.

Are you ready?

You’ve already invested hours, sweat, and money into this race. You want to finish it and meet your goals.

Worried About Being Ready in Time?

  • Have you thought of everything?

  • Is your race plan solid?

  • How do you conquer the pre-race nerves?

  • What’s your plan for crew and pacers?

  • What last-minute training do you need?

  • What race skills do you still need to learn?


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Shortcut Your Learning Curve


I know that doubt. I've finished over 100 100-mile races and close to 300 ultramarathons total, and that time leading up to race day can be stressful.

Despite best intentions when you signed up, life got in the way and now you feel like you have to cram for the exam to have a chance at finishing. Not the best way to go into a big race.

You don’t have the time or energy for a big learning curve.


Solid race day plan

Start with a plan for the miles and obstacles ahead.


Calming pre-race routine

You don’t have to let pre-race nerves wreck your confidence.

Expertise for missing skills

Fill the knowledge gaps on pacing strategies and more.


How It Works

We work together over the phone so it’s easy to fit into your life, even on the day before the race.

  • 3 x 60-minute phone coaching sessions over 6 weeks

  • 1 x 30-minute day-before-race phone session for last minute checks

  • Access to me by text and email during my weekly office hours

  • Guides, checklists, and roadmaps for any in-depth solutions

Sessions are flexible: You can use them in whatever combination you want over the 6 weeks - spaced apart or clumped together. You can even use leftover sessions after the race to talk through recovery.

Your Investment

How much is worry and nerves costing you? Do you have the time and energy to figure out what you need to do and know? Have you done everything you can to protect the time and money you’ve already invested in training? Are you ready to make the most of this one-time opportunity? What is your goal for this race worth? A DNF from a preventable mistake or a bad (or no) race plan means waiting an entire year.

$697 for 6 weeks* - special introductory offer!

(regularly $875 for 6 weeks*)

*Payment plans are available.

It was the advice I've spent months looking for, and it helped me tremendously.

- A Bennett

You Deserve Your Best Shot


You’ve worked for this, so let’s make sure you get the best shot possible at reaching your goal.