Power Day


Want to make major headway on something…fast?

Like, in one day?

Then Power Day is for you. It’s an all-day, one-on-one session with just the two of us working on whatever you want. It’s perfect if

  • You're tired of making excuses and promising yourself “someday”
  • You’d rather dive in and work full-tilt for a short duration
  • You need help that fits your busy schedule
  • You want to work on something that doesn’t fit a long term coaching relationship


This is your day to get moving, step up your game, fire up your motivation, plan some epic-ness, and map your escape from the comfort zone. We can…

  • Turn an audacious dream into concrete goals and a can-do action plan
  • Brainstorm what’s next for you now, one year, and five years ahead
  • Solve a problem, like lost mojo or persistent DNFing
  • Find ways to add more of what energizes you into your life
  • Define what you want to accomplish in your running lifetime and craft a plan for doing it
  • Nail down your mental strategy for a big goal race
  • Come up with practical ways to build guilt-free training time into your life


What you get

8 hours of one-on-one time with me.

Traction on whatever project you want to tackle.

All my expertise, experience, and perspective - at your disposal for the day.


What you leave with

A plan. Solutions. Ideas. Motivation. Strategies. Focus.

Big progress, fast!

Plus!  The option to buy single 1-hour coaching sessions if you want follow-up support. I don’t normally offer these, so this is a special bonus.


How it works

Power Days are flexible and super-simple so the focus is on your work.

Flexible. They’re location independent, so there's no need to fit travel into your schedule. We can do this over Skype, Facetime or in person. Your choice. If you want to do your Power Day in person, let me know in advance and we’ll discuss how to make that work.


1 - Sign up for one of the open days below need to set this up

2 - Once you sign up, I’ll send you a few questions, and we’ll go from there.

That's it!




Pick your day, bring your full self, and leave powered up and on fire. 


Pick Your Day

This is one super-charged day, all for you - no standing still!  

I may add more days to this list, so stay tuned. Let me know if you'd like to have a Power Day that's not on this list, and I'll see if I can work with it.

January 27

February 3

March 10