Your thoughts can work for you instead of against

You’ve read all the articles and tried every tip. You’ve done meditation, mantras, and everything you can to get rid of the doubt and negative thoughts that weigh down your running but the truth is, you just can’t seem to do it or make it stick. You’re frustrated because you know you can run bigger, better, further, and more consistently - your body can do so much more - but your mindset keeps getting in the way. Nothing seems to work.

And it costs you.



  • Worrying about failing…or succeeding
  • Comparing and despairing 
  • Beating yourself up over bad results
  • Lost motivation
  • Continually postponing goals


  • Holding back because you doubt yourself
  • Resisting night running/hills
  • Struggling when you get passed or hit a low spot
  • Quitting on yourself - DNFs
  • Missing out on half your power - the power of your mind


Change Your Mind, Change Your Results

What if you could drop the fears, run better, finish where you’ve given up, depend on your motivation, and find the confidence to nail that insanely epic goal?  Even put the fun back in your running? 

Improving your mindset separates you from everyone else with talent and ability two ways. 

  • You’re no longer helplessly at the mercy of your doubts and fears.
  • You start using your thoughts as power, to help climb that hill and power through the low spots

The difference between trying and making it happen can be investing in help from someone who's done it.  

A lot.


Hi, I'm Susan

I ran for years knowing I could do more but somehow not believing in myself. Instead of running like I wanted, I’d choke and give up, then claim I was ok with my race when I wasn’t. I tried lots of things but it was just the way I was and who I was. I wasn’t fast or talented and I’d never achieve anything great. Until I changed my story, started believing in myself and used what I learned in life coaching to change my running.

I loved running and going to races but the competition, comparison, excuses, self-defeating thoughts, and beating myself up about results felt awful. I kept trying to "do better" and "stop thinking negative thoughts" until it was clear that wasn't working and I couldn't keep that way forever. Something had to give. 

What I found was good news - you have the power to change it all. You don't have to put a good face on things, make others change, hope you're stronger in the next race, or wait for some mythical better day to arrive.

Today, I’ve run over 100 100-milers and over 250 ultras and I help people change their lives. I’m so grateful for the change mindset made in my running and my life.


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"Nine years ago, after one too many glasses of wine, I signed up for my first trail ultra.  The next morning I read the course description and went into full panic mode.  1900' climb, stream crossing, rock staircase, expect it to take twice as long as your fastest 50k.  I was ready to cancel my registration, but after several email conversations with Susan, who was the RD, she offered the assurance that I could indeed do this. 
Race day came and I did show up at the start, and yes, achieved what I had earlier thought was impossible and finished the race.  Now here I am at 59 years old, still running those "impossible" races, thanks to Susan not letting me not start."
- J Maas

What You Get

Someone who’s been there to help you do it…and make it stick 

  • 12 x 60-minute phone coaching sessions (2 sessions per month x 6 months)

  • Helpful guides, checklists, roadmaps

  • Access by text and email during my weekly office hours.

Total Investment - $2997

If you’re not where you want to be, what you’re doing hasn’t been working for you. You can’t go on doing what you’ve been doing and hope for different results. Make the decision to invest in mindset coaching. You can think and perform differently.