Susan Donnelly

Want to Do the impossible?


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Hi, I’m Susan.

I’m a 100-mile race expert who helps endurance runners build the skills and confidence to do their impossible - whether that’s finishing one “A” race, or a hundred.

100+ 100-mile race finishes

20+ years ultrarunning experience

Here for you!

want you to become a stronger runner, and stronger person.


 Practical skills + mindset skills

100+ 100-mile race finishes

20+ years of ultrarunning

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New ultrarunner or experienced - boost your know-how and confidence. We’re all capable of more!

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Want to make real change with someone who know the ropes? Work 1:1 with me. for real mindset strength? to get you faster and increase endurance, more consistently?

Gets you faster, more reliable, increase endurance.

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