You stand at the starting line of a 100-mile race knowing you’re going home with either a DNF or a buckle.

You’ve invested tons of time, sweat, and money in this. You've done everything you know to do.

Still, your chances of finishing are about 60%.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could dramatically increase your chance or earning that coveted buckle?



Is This for You?

  • You’re a first-time 100-miler. You signed up for the race, told your family and friends, and are overwhelmed with everything you have to figure out before race day. You dread making a rookie mistake.
  • You signed up for a 100-miler because it’s on your bucket list. You want to up your chances of finishing on the first time so you can cross it off your list and move on instead of starting all over again.
  • You’ve run enough 100s to get the basics down solid, and are ready for more consistent results. Tapping into decades of veteran experience could shortcut years of time and effort.

You invest a lot in a 100-mile race

TIME. You spend months training. Carve out untold hours for daily runs and weekend long runs. Plan your life and family time around it. If you DNF, you’ll have to wait a year, enter the race (or the lottery), and spend all those months training up again.

MONEY. Let’s say race entry is $250, a plane ticket is $400, rental car $150, and three nights in a hotel are $450. That’s $1250, just you. Then there's new shoes, new gear...

PRIDE. Your friends and family want to celebrate you crossing the finish line, and you want to make them proud.


DNFs hurt...

I know. I had 5 in my first 21 100-mile starts - all totally unnecessary. Five times I quit on myself.

Hi, I'm Susan, and I've since run over 100 100-milers, more than all but a handful of other people in the world.

On the next to last of those DNFs, I dropped late at night for nothing more than lost mojo at Massanutten and sat inside a crew’s car on the way back, watching the runners I'd been with for hours gut it out to finish, smiling and proud. I could have too. Enough was enough.

I made big changes and haven’t DNFed in my last 86 100-mile finishes. And I’m not running the “easy” ones - this includes 17 finishes at Massanutten, 17 at Superior Sawtooth, 2 at UTMB, and the like.

Today, I’ve finished over 100 100-milers and 2 200-milers and have helped and paced scores of runners to successful finishes. I want to help runners to avoid my mistakes, finish easier, and go on to do amazing things.

100s are tough enough without all the unknown weighing you down and stressing you out. DON’T GO HOME WITHOUT A BUCKLE is made so you can find the answers you need, build your confidence, and take real steps to get consistent results.

Basic Tier - Pick My Brain

Want advice on your potentially crazy race plans? Want tips for saving time on course? Need a quick confidence boost before your race?

You can search online and crowdsource answers but talking it through with a real, experienced human who’s focused 100% on you instead of the next Facebook post is hard to beat.

Clients have used this to get tips for breaking a DNF streak, get race advice after some major time off, and learn strategies for making it through the dreaded night sections. 

You get

This is the multi-tool of the bunch - easy to schedule and super flexible.

  • One 1-hr phone session for anything, like an upcoming race, ultrarunning strategies, or living a runner's life. 
  • One follow up email

Your investment - $197

Some time soon, you and I know you'll be standing at a starting line. The question is, did you use everything possible to your advantage? That's your decision to make right now.

Advanced Tier - Race Prep Package

Big race coming up?  Need more than quick tips but don’t have time for long-term coaching?

The last thing you want is to head into a 100-miler unsure about pacing, waffling on drop bags, and hoping you can make it through the low points. So many simple problems can quickly spiral out of control. There’s never a guarantee you’ll finish but getting help can significantly shift the odds in your favor. 

Decades ago, when I signed up for my first 100, I searched out every scrap of info I could from every source and experienced person I met. It wasn’t a lot. Today, it's the opposite. There are so many sources of information, it's overwhelming. And you still have to sift the reliable from the questionable - has the person giving advice even finished a 100-miler? How many and what kind?

Why this?

What if you could show up on race day feeling totally confident and prepared with an expert plan we've crafted together so all you have to do is focus on the experience?

I know what it’s like to be facing your first 100, or to be an experienced ultrarunner facing a big dream race like UTMB. There’s so much to learn and do, and you want it all to go right. This package is what I would want in your shoes - to avoid having to guess and hope like I did.

You get 

  • Three 1-hr phone sessions before your race where we can do what you need most, like
    • Nail down a pacing plan
    • Create a pre-race routine to stay chill
    • Plan your drop bags
    • Develop strategies for the low points 
  • Email access to me for questions between sessions
  • Free checklists, like drop bag packing lists and what to carry with you
  • A bonus 30-minute phone session the day before the race
  • Credit toward upgrading to VIP Tier, if your race date is available

Total investment - $4997

After making an initial deposit of $497, payment plans are available based on your race date. Payment in full is required 30 days before race date. 

Here's the tough truth you probably already know. If you want different results you need to do something different. Make a decision right now to get different results.

VIP Tier - I'll Pace You!

You want a pacer for your 100-mile but it has to be someone who can easily do the distance, knows what you’re going through, has plenty of stories to get you through the low spots, is willing to keep you moving when you want to quit, and is there solely to get you to the finish. Good pacing isn't simple - it takes know-how, experience, and ability. 

Getting the wrong person to pace you - no matter how well-meaning - can quickly turn into a liability. 

I’ve paced plenty of runners to finishes, watched scores of pacers help and harm their runner's race, and been paced. I’ve seen all sides. There's nothing like it and it’s not a job to be taken lightly.

A good pacer is some of the best anti-DNF insurance around, and sometimes it's just more fun. 

You get

  • Everything in the Advanced Tier - 3 calls with email access between
  • One 1-hour live coaching session the day before the race to tackle last-minute fears and questions
  • A pacing plan we develop to your preferences
  • Me as your pacer for as many miles as you want, within race rules
  • Me as your crew for as much as practical to the point I can start pacing

Your investment - $9997

First, submit your application. If accepted, you make an initial deposit of $1497. Payment plans for the balance are available based on your race date. Payment in full is required 30 days before race date. 

You won't be alone. I'm literally going to walk with you every step of the way to that buckle. 

How do I get it?

Your first step is to apply to see if the date is open, see if we'd be a good fit, and reserve your race date. RESERVE EARLY! This is a first-come, first-served service. My race schedule will start to fill with other clients and my own races, and I want you to have first shot at your race weekend. If you want to see if your race date is open before applying, email me here - but don't wait!


There’s nothing like crossing that finish line. It’s life-changing. I can’t guarantee you a finish but I’ll do my absolute best to give you the best possible shot I can. I’ve done it myself over 100 times, so my best is solid.


Pick My Brain and Race Prep Packages

Your payments, including any deposits, are non-refundable. 

Why? Think about races. If you enter a race and on race day you're injured, get cold feet, can't make it or just don't feel like going, the race still happens. The race director's committed time, energy, and money to the event based on your commitment. It's the same with coaching.

Respect your time and mine. Remember why you signed up in the first place and say "yes" to it. You're worth the investment.


VIP Package

I'm so excited about this package but it's a big investment with extra scheduling risk.

I will refund 50% of the amount paid up to six months before race date. No refunds within 6 months of race date. Why 6 months? I'm passing up other clients and my own races, and it holds you accountable - the first step to finishing is to commit to being all in.

No refunds if you drop before picking me up as a pacer, or if you don't finish. I'm upping the motivation to finish.

If you have to cancel for an unforeseeable reason before the race and it's possible, I’ll work with you to roll your investment over to another race date.