Why "Blah" Days Matter

This weekend, I ran my 10th full Three Days of Syllamo stage race in north Arkansas.

A beautiful location and special event that’s more like a running family reunion.

In fact, one of my goals was to spend more time with friends than I managed to last year. The other was to run it strong, since it’s my only race of the month.

But races don’t always go as planned.

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Yes, I Almost Quit Ultramarathons

In my first ultra, a 50k, I felt like I’d opened the door to a secret world - I wanted more.

In my first 100-miler - limping, dirty, exhausted, yet exhilarated - I fell in love before I even crossed the finish line.

I’d found my home.No wonder I wasn’t great at shorter distances. This is where I belonged!

But as with many love stories, the initial infatuation wore off. The more ultras I ran, especially 100s, the more time I spent battling negative thoughts of one kind or another.

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Make a Bad Run Better

On Tuesday evenings, I used to run with a bunch of trail running friends.

We started the same 8-mile route together as a group, and slowly scattered over the first mile or so into faster and slower groupings. We all rejoined in the parking lot and hung out after. It was great fun.

I could always keep up, usually in the lead bunch if I wanted to.

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