You Can Do It!

Susan Donnelly out of her comfort zone in a tree

After I finished my 100th 100-miler, people asked an odd question:

“Are you going to quit now?”

In their minds, I’d achieved my goal, I’d proven what I needed to prove, and I’d achieved a nice round number. Whatever drove me to do that, I could relax now.

No need to aspire to anything, or try and fail.

I could live happily ever after in my comfort zone and float peacefully along.

Isn’t that what everybody wants? No stress, no risk? Habits, routine and reassuring predictability?

The comfort zone sounds so nice (hello?…comfort!) and it’s darn hard to get out of - like a big, plush lounge chair - so why not stay there?

Because the comfort zone eventually gets uncomfortable. 

Some of us numb to that discomfort to stay there. 

But some of us put in the effort to get out of there, no matter how unclear the way, or how intimidating it seems. 

If you’re an ultrarunner, that’s you.

There are plenty of reasons why taking the risk to venture out of our comfort zones is worth it. It’s how we learn, where we’re most creative, and where our optimal performance lies.

As nice as it sounds, I’m not built for the comfort zone. I’m built to grow and you are too. The only place we can do that is out of our comfort zones.

Plus, getting comfortable with discomfort helps us develop the muscles we need to adapt well to the biggest constant in life - change. The thing that pulls us out of our comfort zones whether we like it or not.

Good reasons, but that doesn’t make it any less scary at times.

So even if you’re struggling, failing, only moving inches at time, or scared to take the next step, you’re one of the brave. 

Have compassion for how hard it is to get out of that big plush lounge chair and into the unknown.

Tell yourself how strong you are. You know best how easy it would be to throw in the towel.

And have faith in yourself. You’ve braved beyond the comfort zone before and you can do it again.

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