Why You Should Love Your Running Now


When you’re first - when you win a 100-mile race overall - life will change.

Then you'll really feel confident and happy about your running.


Except not.

Winning doesn’t change a darn thing.

Having done it, I know. Trust me.

The truth is, if you don’t love your running now, where you are, you’ll never love it.

Winning a race doesn’t automatically make you happy with your running. What you think about winning does. 

For example, you can win and still be unhappy that you didn’t PR. And you can come in last and be thrilled that you finished.

One is a fact - you won or came in last- and the other is the way you feel about the fact. 

How you feel about your running is independent of the external things like winning, PRing, and meeting goals that you expect to make you happy. It comes from how you think about those things.

So why not decide to love your running now, wherever you are with it? 

What would be the harm?

The number one reason people give me is that, “It would kill my motivation. I wouldn’t push myself.” As if the opposite of love, self-hate is a better motivator. 

If you’ve ever beat yourself up for missing a race goal, did it leave you psyched and confident about the next race?

I bet not.

You can’t hate your way to better running, at least not for long. It’s a great way to burn out.

Love’s a far better plan. With a little love and joy in your running, you trust yourself, you’re more willing to try big goals you might fail at, and you’re more likely to see the ways around the obstacles in your way and succeed.

There’s no good reason to wait so don’t postpone finding things to love and appreciate.

Today, no matter how your running is going, love it…and the person with the courage, determination and heart to do it. 

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