What I See In You

Susan Donnelly in the Smokies

Standing in a long line at Starbucks the other morning, I got to talking with the woman behind me.

From line-standing niceties, she somehow segued straight into the story of how she’d taken care of her elderly mother as her mother had declined in health and recently died.

It was hard and exhausting. There were moments where she didn’t think she’d make it.

She concluded by marveling, almost as an irrelevant aside, that even though she hadn’t been planning on doing it, she’d done it, and done it well. She’d surprised herself and was proud of it. She could look back and feel good about it.

I smiled as I listened because I saw in her what I see in my clients - a miracle.

If I got hit by the bread truck tomorrow and couldn’t pass on anything else, here’s the one thing I’d want my clients to know:

You will never exhaust your potential.


No matter what you do. No matter how fast or far you go, or how old or injured you get. 

From where I stand, you will always have more potential available to you than you imagine. And no, you’re not an exception.

Take aging. I may get older but I as I do, a whole new part of my potential opens up to explore. What can I do as an older runner? Who says I can’t do X, Y, or Z?

The only real limits to what we accomplish in life are the ones created by our minds.

We tend to take failures as dead ends when we’re really learning what we need to succeed. We take barriers as our limits when they’re helping us build the mental muscles we need to overcome larger barriers.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Like the Starbucks woman and my clients, you’ll never exhaust your potential. You’re capable of more. The only real limit is what you believe is possible for yourself, and you can re-train that the same way you train your body.

Try seeing what I see and ask yourself:

How could I think bigger, and do bigger this coming year? 

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P.S. - You can think bigger and going bigger this year and I can help you get your mind to work for you instead of against you! Don't muddle along. I’ve got an opening for a 1:1 client - email me here to set up a free 30-minute consult call to ask questions and see how we can tackle your goals!