Too Busy for Ultra Running?

Stopwatch to decide if there is time for ultrarunning.

Think of a closet.

You know the type - things of all sorts have been put in there over the years. Now it’s stuffed to the gills with boxes, bags, and who-knows-what.

Once in a very long while, you open the door and look. You don’t want to take anything out because that would start an avalanche and be a pain to put back. If you feel compelled to empty something, you remove the smallest box, glance at the contents and put it back to do something with later.

That closet is your time. Full to the brim.

So how do you fit ultrarunning into an already busy schedule?

You don’t. 

It would be so easy if I had a magic formula but you can’t cram ultrarunning into a busy schedule, at least not in a way you can sustain. You’ll break something else in the closet or bust the door off its hinges. 

Cramming more in your schedule doesn’t work. 

If you really want to run ultras, create space in your time closet instead. 

It’s obvious and it works, but we still want a magic formula because creating time means making choices.

Choices you won’t want to face because they’re uncomfortable and they require change (which is why we avoid them in the first place by saying we’re “too busy”).

If you’re brave enough to look at how you’re actually spending your time - what’s truly in that closet - you can clean out the things that have drifted into it over the years. Lower-priority activities, boring events, commitments that no longer serve you, and tasks you can delegate to someone else or simply stop altogether.

Even if you think “I can’t,” I’m betting you can.

In little ways - the house doesn’t get vacuumed as often as it could - and big - I’ve stayed out of management positions at my day job that would unacceptably restrict my schedule.

So yes, you can fit ultrarunning in a busy schedule if you’re willing to make the choices you need to create the time. 

By making those choices, you go from being a powerless slave to everything you have to get done, to being in full control of your life. When you clean out the closet of time and step back to admire your work, that’s the magic.

If you want to fit ultrarunning into your busy schedule, look at your closet of time. I promise you can create time if you want.

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P.S. - If you want help making those choices and changes, I’ve got an opening for a 1:1 client. If you’re interested, email me here to set up a free 30-minute mini-session to see how we can free up space in your own time closet.

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