There is No Try

Susan Donnelly and the 261Fearless NYC Marathon team

Last weekend, I was incredibly fortunate to be on the 261Fearless team for the New York City Marathon with eight brave women.

Every one of us had worked super hard to get there.

And not one of us was going to try to run this marathon. 

That’s right - not one of us.

Because we were all going to do it. We were all going to run and finish it.

The word “try” wasn’t banned - it just never came up. Not once in the team activities and meals we shared in the two days before the race did I hear, “I'm going to try to do this.”

Don’t get the idea we were all pros or in perfect shape. Three of us were first time marathoners, facing the unknown. One had a stress fracture. A couple had signed up late and were extra nervous about their training. Several were worried about being slow. One was nervous enough to be sick to her stomach. There were all the logistics of even getting to the start on time. And none of us had ever run this marathon.

The more I listened and got to know my teammates, the prouder I was to be on a team with them.

They had plenty of reasons for self-doubt but they'd all made a commitment to themselves to do this. They forged ahead, believing they could.

Just being around their will-do-ness made me feel strong.

And you know, every single one of us finished.

The next morning at breakfast, I asked them how they would have dropped out. They were stumped. They literally hadn’t thought about it.

Commitment like this moves mountains, finishes races and makes things happen. Trying gives you permission to quit before you even start.

As Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

If you’re not getting the results or living the life you want, t’s worth asking yourself…

“Where am I committed and where am i just trying?”