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What I See In You

Standing in a long line at Starbucks the other morning, I got to talking with the woman behind me.

From line-standing niceties, she somehow segued straight into the story of how she’d taken care of her elderly mother as her mother had declined in health and recently died.

It was hard and exhausting. There were moments where she didn’t think she’d make it.

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Feel Like A Fraud?

After more than 30 hours, 25000 feet of climbing, an equal amount of descending, and 100 miles, I crossed the Double Top 100 finish line first, ahead of the three other finishers - all men.

I'd worked hard and had a great run. I was proud of an overall win, but even prouder of the effort. I earned this and it felt great! 

Plus, I had a rare opportunity I might never have again to be able show other women that it was possible to win outright...even at 54. I couldn’t wait to share that!

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"You're So Selfish!"

“You’re so selfish!”

Few words put such a damper on your running or provoke as much guilt and anger.

Here’s this thing you love - running. Something that enriches you and your life. Something that makes you a better person.

Yet someone you probably care about tells you that choosing it over what they want you to do is selfish. 

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