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How To Stop Avoiding Race Training

Several months ago, you signed up for a big race.

And you came up with the perfect training plan to get you in the best shape ever. It’s extensive and tough! You’re going to work hard, really hard, for this one. You’re going to get everything right.

When time rolls around to start training for the race, life might set you behind a little but if you’re honest, you’re dragging your feet a little too. There’s so much hard work ahead in that plan, it’s discouraging.

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Are You Letting a Toddler Make Your Race Decisions?

t’s 2:00 am and you’re sitting in a chair at the 65-mile aid station while helpful volunteers fetch your drop bag, serve you food, fill your hydration gear and otherwise wait on you hand and foot.

Still, you’re discouraged, You’re slower than planned, sleepy, blistered, tight, and tired. If you think about it, you’re probably dehydrated too.

And there’s 35 miles still to go.

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