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Moab 240 - 55-ish Miles at Night (Video 3/10)

This is about a tenth of a mile after the 55-mile aid station. Forgive the headlamp. And the flashing green light is my SPOT tracker.

I took care of lots of tasks at the aid station but it was insanely busy, packed with runners in chairs, crew vehicles parked along the road, lights, noise - and after hours and miles in the quiet, that’s always a shock.

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Moab 240 - A Few Miles In (Video 1/10)

I'm only a few miles in and bowled over by the scenery. This is gonna be amazing!

At the same time, I’m totally annoyed with my pack - it’s heavy and I forgot to fine-tune the adjustments, so we're not “one” yet. And the Velcro strap I was counting on to hold the top of my SPOT tracker in place, wouldn’t. Really? Even Velcro failed on me?!? Nothing annoys me more than uncooperative gear.

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