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Feel Like A Fraud?

After more than 30 hours, 25000 feet of climbing, an equal amount of descending, and 100 miles, I crossed the Double Top 100 finish line first, ahead of the three other finishers - all men.

I'd worked hard and had a great run. I was proud of an overall win, but even prouder of the effort. I earned this and it felt great! 

Plus, I had a rare opportunity I might never have again to be able show other women that it was possible to win outright...even at 54. I couldn’t wait to share that!

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Plan like Chili

The weather’s getting cold. Time for planning next year’s race schedule…and chili.

Which is cool, because the two have a lot in common. 

For instance, you make them the same way.

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What Now???

That big race you focused on for soooo long is over - and you finished! 

But the congratulations have died down and things are kind of…quiet.

“Now what??” you wonder.

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When You Fail (Goal Series #4)

One of the toughest parts of pursing a big goal?

You’ll fail somewhere along the way.

At the start of Zumbro 100 this year, the race director told the assembled crowd I’d be going for my historic 10th finish. I’d finished every one. All eyes looked my way. I raised my arm and everyone clapped.

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Is Your Goal Unrealistic? (Goal Series #3)

What if your goal is more than too big - it’s impossible? 

We can all manage bravado for a gloriously big, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” type goal, but an unrealistic one? 

I mean, if I wanted to become a ballerina with the New York City Ballet, what would you say?

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Where Are the Women?

Last July, I ran Cry Me A River 100-miler, in Illinois.

I decided to run it at the last minute so my 100th 100-mile race would be at Superior Sawtooth 100 in September. I emailed the race director and she said to show up.

The night before the race, I arrived at packet pickup and signed up.

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The One Thing to Do When You Want to Chase a Dream

What do I think about in those long, lonely stretches of a 100-mile race?

Sometimes a question like, “Where do our dreams and passions come from?” 

Because when I think about it, mine passion’s pretty weird and everyone’s is a bit unique. One person dreams of playing guitar and another person lives for water polo.

These things seem to pick us, not the other way around, so after miles of pondering, I’ve decided that:

Our dreams and passions are gifts meant specifically for each of us. 

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