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Yes, I Almost Quit Ultramarathons

In my first ultra, a 50k, I felt like I’d opened the door to a secret world - I wanted more.

In my first 100-miler - limping, dirty, exhausted, yet exhilarated - I fell in love before I even crossed the finish line.

I’d found my home.No wonder I wasn’t great at shorter distances. This is where I belonged!

But as with many love stories, the initial infatuation wore off. The more ultras I ran, especially 100s, the more time I spent battling negative thoughts of one kind or another.

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Too Busy for Ultra Running?

Think of a closet.

You know the type - things of all sorts have been put in there over the years. Now it’s stuffed to the gills with boxes, bags, and who-knows-what.

Once in a very long while, you open the door and look. You don’t want to take anything out because that would start an avalanche and be a pain to put back. If you feel compelled to empty something, you remove the smallest box, glance at the contents and put it back to do something with later.

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"You're So Selfish!"

“You’re so selfish!”

Few words put such a damper on your running or provoke as much guilt and anger.

Here’s this thing you love - running. Something that enriches you and your life. Something that makes you a better person.

Yet someone you probably care about tells you that choosing it over what they want you to do is selfish. 

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