One Simple Shift That Gets You Moving

Susan Donnelly on a long run using this mind shift.

My awesome client was at the start of a 100-mile race.

The situation wasn’t perfect.

She hadn’t trained for this race.

She hadn’t run this 100-miler before. 

She’d only run a few 100-mile races, so the distance was still unfamiliar.

She had a history of stomach and foot problems, and they could crop up in the race.

She might not finish. She might fail.

People might see that. They might think less of her. 

It might be embarrassing.

She could avoid it all by staying home, dropping out at the first excuse, or sabotaging herself by going out too fast before she had a chance to really get in the race. 

Instead, she was all in. She was confident, at least as confident as you can be in a 100-mile race, that she could finish it.  

There was no, “I don’t know…” waffling.

She chose to try and to give it her all. 

She chose risk over the safe choice because she saw valuable experience she could get from this race, no matter how it turned out. Experience that would pay off later in her big “A” race of the year.

Besides, when she stopped and really looked at her fear, what she had to lose by not finishing wasn’t much after all - a DNF on her Ultrasignup record and what other people might think about it. 

Hardly enough to avoid a race for!

How about you? 

When you look at new races and other opportunities, what do you see first - what you could gain or what you might lose?

They’re two different mindsets. One helps you grow stronger and more confident, the other keeps you stuck where you are.

I’d never have done 100+ 100-mile races over mountains and absurdly rocky trail, through rivers, thunderstorms, snowstorms, and baking heat and humidity, on good days and bad, injured and not, if I’d been focused on the chance I might DNF. If I’d done any ultramarathons at all, I’d have done them around safe little high school tracks in perfect weather where the minimum can go wrong. 

It wouldn’t be the accomplishment it is and I’d have missed the adventure and challenge that I love about it.

Here’s this week’s challenge for you. If you’re getting nowhere on a big goal or even just a daily run, try shifting your focus from all the ways you could lose, fail, be embarrassed, get rejected, and have your feelings hurt, to everything that you have to gain. 

Shifting from a “loss” to a “gain” mindset frees you to try things you would have avoided, and to take the steps that will make your goal happen.

Give it a try - what do you have to lose?

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