Tune Out Your Run Tech to Get More Reliable

A client recently asked, “How do I know how fast to run in my 100-mile race?”

After running over 100 of them, this comes naturally to me but I clearly remember wondering the exact same thing before my first 100.

I tired to imagine covering the distance and couldn’t, so I had no reference for imagining what the running would be like.

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Seven Ways to Find the Cheerleader You Wish You Had

Frustrated by friends and family that don’t support your goals?

It’s hard to pursue something as ambitious as a first marathon, 100-mile race, or a year's worth of 100s when you’re not getting the emotional support you expect. Someone important to you asking about a long run, wanting to hear about your race, celebrating a hard-earned race performance, or congratulating you on an award. 

That type of thing.


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What Could Possibly Go Wrong in a 100-Miler?

Short answer: More than you'd imagine.

Long answer: Where to start...

Years ago, the engineer in me, in the long miles of some 100, came up with a kind of elegant answer. It's a general formula of all the variables that must go right, or at least well enough - all at the same time - for you to finish a 100-miler.

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Don't Quit Until They Pull You

In 2002 at the Leadville 100 in Colorado, I crossed 12,600-foot Hope Pass and arrived at the 50-mile aid station in Winfield to be told I was only 15 minutes ahead of cutoff. 

I’d heard the same thing at the same aid station the previous year, and dropped. This year, I’d done my best to push the pace to Winfield. Last year wasn’t going to happen again…except it did.

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Why Genes Aren't Everything

“How did you not die??” 


I laughed. I’d just told the woman I was running side by side with in the early miles of the Long Haul 100 that I’d finished over one hundred 100-mile races.


She stopped mid trail, turned to look at me full length and said, “Of course. You look like a runner!”


It was a compliment but it was also an assumption that implied, “You lucked out and got the right genes.”

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Why "Best of" Lists Aren't Everything

It’s that time of year.

Ultrarunning Magazine's “Ultrarunners of the Year” edition is out. It’s packed with lists of  top, best, and notable performances, some of which include friends of mine who definitely deserve the recognition.

But when I flip through list after list after list, I remember why I stopped paying attention to them years ago.

Rankings are a double-edged sword. They can inspire but they can also stoke the critic in your head.

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