Is Ultrarunning Worth It?

Susan Donnelly running Javelina 100-mile race.

It costs.

Training takes time every day.

50ks take the better part of a weekend day.

100-mile races consume the entire weekend. Plus.

Then there’s the travel, the gear, the entry fees, the hours spent planning, the hours (and days) spent running, and the recovery time.

All this running of ultralong takes effort and time. 

It’s hard to fit it into life. Heck…it’s hard, period. 

There are days when you wonder, “Is it worth it?”

To which I will say, “Hell yes….if you want your own, personal superhero lab!”

Think about it. Ultrarunning is the laboratory where we, like so many movie superheroes before us, discover and hone our unique, extraordinary powers. 

Our journey even starts like theirs. One day, out of the blue, we’re surprised by a sense of our powers. We think, “I could run forever.” Curiosity sparked, we have to figure this thing out.

But like our movie superhero brethren, we don’t just walk into the lab and get presented with our powers in full. Ta-dah!

Instead, we try things. We experiment. We fail. We try something different. We fail again. We get frustrated. We sweat. We believe when it doesn’t make sense. We sweat and fail some more.

And on the 5th or 50th try, things click into place. 

We finish that distance. We finish that race. We have that kind of race. We feel STRONG. We know we’re strong.

We look back at that first run and see how much more we're capable of.

We look ahead and see our limits disintegrate into nothing.

We look at mortal, everyday life and see how much more we can do:

  • If you can face running on a cold, rainy winter's morning, you can give the presentation at the conference.

  • If you can slog through the mud/heat/mountains/rain/rocks for hours, you can live through the hard days and events.

  • If you can run 100 miles, you can ask for the raise.

If you can do the hard things here in your superhero lab, you can do the hard things there.

So in those moments ahead when you question whether ultrarunning's worth it, think of the superhero you’ve become.

Every run, from the one where it all sings to the one where it’s all a struggle, is more than just a run. 

It’s your superpowers in the making.

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