If You Can Run All Winter, You Can Do Life Better

Susan Donnelly running in winter on snowy trail.

First, it’s the whining.

“Aww...I don’t want to!”

“It's cold and dark. I’m tired!”

Then the bargaining.

“It's ok just to stay here instead of going.”

“Just this once...I can make up for it next time.”

No, this isn’t me wanting to quit at a 100-mile aid station. This is me laying in bed, trying to get out the door for a long run in the depths of winter.

Winter running can be hard. No matter how vigorously you bound out the door on a perfectly sunny day, finding the energy to head outside for a run when it's 36F and pouring feels like a superhuman task. A task aggravated - at least where I live - by a never-ending succession of gloomy days.

Made even the harder if your winter’s an off-season and you don’t even have the pressure of a big, looming race to push you out the door.

All of which makes it perfect for one important thing - learning how not to quit on yourself.

Imagine this:

- You planned all your winter runs a week ahead.

- You scheduled them.

- You ran each one - rain, shine, cold, and dark. All winter long. No excuses.

Now it’s spring. How did this change you?

How confident are you that you could finish that upcoming 100-miler instead of dropping at 2am when it’s raining, you have too many miles to go, and you feel defeated?

Putting in a winter's worth of nasty, daily runs builds a hefty account of confidence and trust in yourself. You know you can overcome the urge to take it easy. You know how it feels to go when going’s the last thing you want to do. 

Being willing to feel discomfort to achieve something you want is a priceless skill that applies to every part of your life, whatever your goals. Work, relationships, money, everything. The better you get at it, the better you get at life.

If you start now, you’ve got the winter ahead, and practice makes perfect.

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