Setting the Record Straight

Susan Donnelly finishes 100 100-mile ultramarathon races at Superior 100

I never set a goal to run 100 100-mile races.

I mean, not at the start. Not until late last year when I noticed I was getting close. And of course, that would be cool.

But so many people assume I started out trying to do this and congratulate me for "reaching such an amazing goal," that I want to make sure you know the real story, because it can help you do something equally as big or bigger.

So here’s what really happened.

When I started running 100s, I set out to do one. 

One. Uno.

That’s all I saw. I had such a hard time even wrapping my mind around the distance, it was all I could do to focus on it enough to run it. I didn’t imagine running 100 of them, much less aim forit.

When I ran that first 100, I found my home. A missing puzzle piece of my life clicked permanently into place and something like a voice (but not) said

This is what I am meant to do.”

It was ah-mazing.

A whole world of this amazingness opened up in front of me and I wanted to explore it all. There were so many different 100s to experience, so much to learn, so many courses to see. I wanted to dive right in and I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt I could do it better.

While running 100s made me seem weird like a freak to others, took hours of training, occupied entire weekends, cost more than a few made me happy and alive like nothing else in the world. It was just WOW.

"This is my art."

I had no idea where it would take me but I followed the feeling, regardless.

Races called to me for different reasons - social, pretty course, big challenge - but whatever the reason, running a 100-miler was a dependable recharge, like getting plugged into the Socket of Life. 

As you can imagine, one 100 led to another, led to another, led to another, and became a natural part of the way I lived. Which is amazing itself.

That’s what we all hope for, isn’t it? To fill our lives to the brim with what creates the most life, love, and happiness inside us? To live a life full of something we love?

That’s how it happened.  That’s how I ran 100 100-mile races.

By following something that made me feeling of being 100% alive, which led me to a life I loved, which brought me to this milestone.

So I'm challenging you to follow that thing that makes you feel most alive.

Follow it through thick and thin, in good times and bad, in big leaps or in small, determined steps like I did, but follow it.

Because here’s the thing:

You have no idea where it will take you, but I can promise you this - wherever it takes you will be... 


Be full-on amazing,


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