Nine Questions to See Your Year a New Way

Susan Donnelly's ultramarathon mindset tip - look at the success in your year instead of failure

Hey, stop for a moment.

I know - busy, things to do - but this is short and I don’t want you to miss the moment.

Before the year slips away, and time speeds on, and you wonder where it all went, join me for a few questions. Grab and pen and paper for your answers if they’re handy.

Here goes:

1. Think about this day last year - how are you different than you were then?

2. What were your big, exciting successes this year?

3. What were your everyday successes - the things you might not think of as achievements that you nevertheless handled all year long (paid bills, went to work, ran most days, fed the cats...). Look at the sheer amount of it. That’s success too!

4. What worked?

5. What's one thing you learned over the year? 

6. How did you surprise yourself?

7. What over the year makes you most proud of yourself?

8. How did you become more the person you want to be?

Impressed? You should be. Tell yourself “(your name), you’re awesome!” before moving on. Yes, I’m not kidding. I'll wait. Bravo, you!

Now, one last question before you get on with your day...

9. How do you want to answer these questions a year from now? 

Excited? You should be - you have a blank slate ahead to write the story of your life, however you choose.

Get your pen ready.

In the meantime, share an answer that makes you happy!

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