Moab 240 - The Last aid station - 230 Miles (Video 9/10)

The last on-course video with a little over 8 miles left, where I take inventory of weaknesses and what I have left. We've just finished running along the outskirts of Moab and out along a city trail.

I know for certain I can finish.

As I finished shooting this video, another runner - Shane Mascarin - caught up to me at the water table. We'd met and run some earlier miles together so we ran next section - the last one of this long race - together. 

The last section looked beautiful even in headlamp, as we ran over giant, curvy swaths of slickrock. There was so much rock and so little obvious trail that we had to navigate one blaze at a time. I wish I could have seen it in the daylight (maybe next year.  Maybe.) but I certainly wasn't going to wait hours for that and it was nice to have fun company to share it with.

After so many miles, so many hours, so many ups and downs, and so much plain old hard work, it was nice to share the last quiet miles and cross the finish line with someone who'd done the same.