Moab 240 - 215 Miles and so Close (Video 8/10)

The finish seems so close from here. Right around the corner.

The last aid station was 204.2 mi, some miles ago. I changed socks again and Todd, the Medical Director gave me a foot massage. I lingered way too long.

I'm at the end of the famous Porcupine Rim mountain bike trail, and boy was it busy that day! I hadn’t seen any of the famed Moab mountain bike action the entire race, apparently because they were all here on this spectacular bit of trail along the rim above Moab.

My sinuses and nose are toast at this point, and my lip is chapped and starting to swell from the sun, cold, and wind exposure. Annoying, and definitely not my best look, but I don’t care. It just is.

And it won't stop me from finishing.