Moab 240 - 55-ish Miles at Night (Video 3/10)

This is about a tenth of a mile after the 55-mile aid station. Forgive the headlamp. And the flashing green light is my SPOT tracker.

I took care of lots of tasks at the aid station but it was insanely busy, packed with runners in chairs, crew vehicles parked along the road, lights, noise - and after hours and miles in the quiet, that’s always a shock.

So I had to concentrate on getting everything done. The sections are too long to forget anything important and the night is going to get COLD so I can’t leave hastily and forget something.

Like my water bottle. I started down the road without it and had to run back to get it. My first extra miles of the race.

One funny thing I remember is that this aid station is in a campground where non-race people are camping. After I shot this video, I was running alone in the dark when I heard a noise. It sounded familiar. As I got closer, I recognized it - snoring. Someone in a van at a campsite was snoring deeply, peacefully, and I ran by in the night, many hours away from my own warm bed.