Moab 240 - Around 40 Miles (Video 2/10)

The sun and wind have been working on us all day and are still at it. It’s been hot, but tolerable with the wind, although I could do without some of the relentless red dust. I'm a little baked, a little tired and rambling because there are so many things to tell you I can't remember them all!

I wasn’t sure afterward if this video would turn out because of the potential wind noise, but it’s all good.

This is high desert, somewhere between 4500 - 5000 ft elevation. I’ve only made the Hurrah Pass (15 mi) and Breaking Bad (33.7 mi) aid stations so far. Since the last video there’s been a little boulder scrambling and a lot of the red sand road you see behind me (not gravel as I call it in the video), Beautiful views toward Canyonlands ;National Park.

I should have been wearing my hat and staying on top of my lip sunscreen from the start. As you’ll see, that'll catch up with me.