Plan like Chili

The weather’s getting cold. Time for planning next year’s race schedule…and chili.

Which is cool, because the two have a lot in common. 

For instance, you make them the same way.

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Susan Donnelly
There is No Try

Last weekend, I was incredibly fortunate to be on the 261Fearless team for the New York City Marathon with eight brave women.

Every one of us had worked super hard to get there.

And not one of us was going to try to run this marathon. 

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Susan Donnelly
The Fear of the Thing

My fifth ultra was the Swiss Alpine Post Marathon in Davos, Switzerland.

Overseas was a big jump, but using my new-found love of ultrarunning to see one of the places I’d always wanted to?

A total no-brainer.

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Susan DonnellyFear

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

Looked at everything you need to do in the next 24 hours and felt like giving up?

Then this might sound familiar.

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Susan Donnelly
Ignore The Noise

This past Saturday, I had run all the previous day and night and was into the second day of my 18th Superior 100-mile race.

I came into it with a pulled hamstring and a fraction of my usual training, but after struggling through the first 20 miles, things had smoothed out and were going well.

I reached Mile 86 on the bridge high over the dramatically crashing Temperance River and stopped for a moment to try for the umpteenth time to shoot a photo that would do it justice. 

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My Dad, Fort Knox, and Your Future

In the early 1970s, my father headed the Metals and Ceramics Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

During this time, NASA presented his division with a request - come up with a material that could be used as protective cladding for plutonium oxide needed to fuel the Voyageur and Pioneer spacecrafts that were going to be built to explore the solar system. 

And then, even though this was a research facility, manufacture all the material NASA needed - with no defects.

It looked impossible.

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Susan DonnellyInspiration
"You're So Selfish!"

“You’re so selfish!”

Few words put such a damper on your running or provoke as much guilt and anger.

Here’s this thing you love - running. Something that enriches you and your life. Something that makes you a better person.

Yet someone you probably care about tells you that choosing it over what they want you to do is selfish. 

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Susan DonnellyPriorities