Susan Donnelly

are you capable of more?

I was.

how did i do this?

When I was little, I looked around and didn't see women doing the things or living the life I wanted. I read boy's adventure books and wanted to save the world (knew I had a mission that would make the world a better place), but all of the women in my extended family were stay at home moms with multiple children and didn't play a sport.

Instead of the pre-determined option, I chose to find (strike out on) my own route in life changed because I had one life and I knew the person I wanted to be and could be. So I ran. And planned to support myself so I was independent. Even though it made me weird.

I was onto the answer (something) But I was more scared of settling than being weird. It got me in the right direction but fear was driving me.

It wasn't easy getting to ultrarunning

My high school coach the shy high school girl who let her coach convince her she shouldn't bother trying out for college teams. The woman who let circumstances get in the way of her ultra dream

When I read about ultras in the mid-1980s.  I started training for one but let me into the easier road. I shelved the idea. One where there wasn't risk or adventure. It was easy and safe.

Seven years later...I ran into Kerry...Went for her dream...kinda. DNFs.

The DNFs looked normal - everybody had them - but felt bad because inside, I knew I'd quit on myself. Every single time. I didn't have to stop in any of them but I found a convenient excuse to.

After another at one of my favorite races, it clicked. I'd had enough. I was worlds better than this and it was time to stop avoiding that and start being the person I knew I could be. The person I wanted to be.

My frustration, tried and failed...took a stand

I was determined to finish and started being more consistent but It was all driven by fear. Fear of not finishing, being last, of being the slowest of my friends, of what people would think, of failing in any of the ways you can fail. Fear of depending on someone else, 

Finishing races was nice for a moment, on the surface but the self-doubt I felt in the rest of my life always returned.  Highs and lows.

As much as I loved ultras, and knew my home was in the 100-mile distance, the current approach wasn't sustainable. Using fear and running against self-doubt were starting to erode the momentary joy and any boost of confidence I got from doing it.

It wasn't sustainable.

I had to lose my love for the one thing I loved or find a better way.

This should be about sustainability and it discovering it was the mindset side that made the difference. I wanted to do this for life (a way of life) instead of a race here or there a but clearly had to figure out a way to manage the negative thoughts and the balance.

This was home. If I wanted to keep it, I had to commit.  And figure out how to stay in love with it.  Happily ever after.  

Discovered how to help...and have helped people

I discovered life coaching and that I could choose my thoughts. Gave me not only WHAT to do, but HOW - the skills - to do it.

Would have saved me so much time and wrong turns.

Today, I get to show women what's possible and help them (people) learn the skills they need to build confidence, learn to believe in themselves.

It translates to better running and better life.

There's no better business to be in than that.

Over the decades, I've cracked the code for strong and consistent

One of a kind personal experience at your service - I didn’t just win a big race and disappear.

I’ve lived it consistently for over 20 years - been injured, DNFed, last, first woman, first overall, pacer, crew, big races like UTMB, little ones like Viaduct Trail, tough technical ones like Mogollon Monster 100, flat "easy" ones like Tunnel Hill 100, and done all the ultra distances from 50k to 240-miler.

And I’ve lived it with a real life. 

I teach what I know.

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Are you ready to ??

You're ambitious....(make it about them)

I remember what it was like to have bigger dreams and goals but struggle with doubts, fears, and self=sabotage. And how long it took for me to figure it all out on my own. I can save you so much time I wish I could have saved.

I do this work because

- I have decades' worth of experience, tips, and help to give and I want to leave a meaningful legacy I'm proud of, beyond simple accomplishemtns. (you are my legacy)

- My ultimate goals is to help you channel the confidence you build from running into every part of your life, and do your own amazing things to make the world a better place. 

And know that the work you invest will pay off?


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